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British Packaging


Whatever your packaging or polythene requirements we can deliver and deliver just in time!  For any of the following products we are the experts to talk to.  Plain polythene bags, Grip seal and Slider grip bags, Mailing and courier bags, Presentation and retail bags, Carrier bags, Bubble film and bubble bags, Waste bags, Environmental bags, Garment and pallet covers, Polythene Lay-Flat Tubing, Polythene Gusseted Tubing, Specialist bags, Transit packing and Printed carrier bags, Blue liners, Charity bags, Collation shrink polythene, Pallet hoods, Pallet Covers, Shrink Bags.  Packaging for the aggregate trade, coal packing and packaging used by fertilizer producers and wood chip companies all with the capability to seal and stitch paper and polythene in their end of line packaged goods etc.

Other items we can supply and stock are POR Hoods, Printed Bags, Mini Rolls, Hand Rolls, Machine wrap, Spin rap, Strapping Edge protectors, Bubble wrap, Corri Roll, Corrugated Roll Boxes, Woven Polyprop, Hessian Sacks, Printed Film Coal Sacks, Fertilizer Sacks, Pet food Sacks, Narrow Film Shrink Hoods, Foam Jiffy Cellair, Solid Board Grey Board and Fibre Board.

British Packaging can deliver almost any polythene-packaging product quickly and at a reasonable cost.  Small runs and odd sizes are our speciality but we also have the capacity to supply very large quantities.




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